Science,Technology, Engineering and Math [STEM]

Academic and Career Pathways are...

an integrated collection of learning experiences intended to develop students’ core academic skills; and provide them with continuous education and employability certificates; in order to place them in high-demand, high-opportunity jobs.


Each Aurora Public School Academic and Career Pathway includes:

Rigorous coursework and experiences that prepare students for college and careers
Career clusters that are linked to Colorado industry sectors so students are prepared to find work in our state
Opportunities to master the skills and knowledge needed to compete in ever-changing 21st century jobs
Hands-on field experiences and community outreach projects related to coursework and career studies
Partnerships with all stakeholders – students, parents, staff, universities, businesses, community organizations, and governmental agencies

STEM Academic and Career Pathways

Fletcher Intermediate                       303-343-1707
Aurora Hills Middle School            303-341-7450
Columbia Middle School               303-690-6570
Mrachek Middle School                303-750-2836
Gateway High School                  303-755-7160
Rangeview High School                303-695-6848
Vista PEAK                                303-364-3757
Pickens Technical College             303-344-4910